When you walk into the building you should be greeted and given a bulletin by one of our greeters. There is a visitors desk to the left. We ask that, if you would be so kind, to sign the guest book.As you make your way to the auditorium feel free to have a seat anywhere you feel comfortable.

The Song Leader will begin the worship hour. We sing a cappella. We use no instruments other than our hearts and voices. The songs are projected onto a screen. There are also songbooks located under the chair in front of you is you prefer a book better.

During the singing, we will pause for a period of publicly led prayers.

Communion is a part of our worship each Sunday. During this simple memorial, we remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. There will be a prayer for the bread. It will be passed around for you to take a portion and eat. There will be a prayer said for the fruit of the vine, grape juice, and it too will be passed for you to drink.

Immediately after Communion another prayer will be offered for a monetary collection. The work of the church is completely supported by the free-will offering of the people who regularly worship with us. As a guest please do not feel compelled to make a donation.

After additional singing, the Song Leader will make an announcement for the teachers and the children to go to JAM.

JAM ( Jesus And Me) is a worship service designed for children three years old through second grade that is held in our social room. They will participate in singing, a Bible lesson and typically a craft. This allows the children to hear a lesson designed for them while allowing parents to give their full attention to the sermon in the auditorium.

The sermon will be about 20-25 minutes long and centered in Scripture. If the study raises questions, please feel free to ask the minister or the elders after the sermon. An invitation will be offered for those with a prayer request or a desire for baptism, during which we will be lead in song.

We will close with a prayer followed by a short period of announcements. Depending on which service you attend, a number of Bible classes are offered for all ages following the worship hour or were held just previous to the worship hour.

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