World wide, the church began by Jesus Christ and came into power on the day of Pentecost A.D. 33.

Locally the congregation began in 1913 when the Gatten family moved to Washington, Pa. Friends and family of the Gatten family began meeting in an old Scottsdale school at Scott and McGovern avenues.

As the congregation grew they met in homes, storehouses, and rented buildings. Around 1920 the first building was purchased. It was located on Brookside avenue between Addison and Fayette. The congregation meet at this location for over 30 years till 1954.

As the congregation grew so did the need for classrooms and additional space. In 1952, land was purchased at 600 Allison avenue with construction of a new brick building beginning in March of 1953. The first worship service in the new building was held in February of 1954.

Soon after, the congregation began to grow again through evangelistic efforts. January of 1964, a 2 acre lot at 700 Allison avenue was purchased and construction began. A year later the building was complete and the congregation had a new home to work and worship.

Throughout the years many have labored in God's Kingdom here in Washington, Pa, some with great notoriety and many who quietly endured seeing to God's plan of reaching out to souls and winning them to Christ.

Follow the link for a detailed history of the church of Christ located in Washington, Pa, and a list of those who served as ministers and elders over the past 100 and more years.

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